Happy weekend!

I ran a 5k this morning!

The Great Human Race in downtown Durham.

Somehow I completely forgot to mention it.IMG_0604Chris and I signed up with our friends Jen and Mark.

Can you tell we were freezing?! It was only 35 degrees out! Burr…..

And guess who I saw whizzing by me around mile 1.5?IMG_0610 Sarah! I’m pretty sure she placed in the top three for her age group. Nice job Sarah!

I think I finished around 23:45! I ran in the same race last year, which was the weekend before my half marathon. Since I was in such better running shape last year at this time I figured there was no chance I was going to come close to my time last year, which was 23:50 (7:41 miles).

I guess that freezing cold weather will make you fun faster?

We had a much bigger race crew last year.GHR09 And a much smaller Nylah! We rescued her the week before.


There were no eggs to be found in the BF2 house this morning, which meant no pancakes, waffles, or omelets for breakfast.

So we went to Bruegger’s again! Well technically Chris went to Bruegger’s :) IMG_0616 He picked me up an everything bagel with egg and cheddar cheese. With ketchup on the side! And a dash of tabasco as well.

Scallions sounded like a good addition as well.IMG_0618 So did coffee.IMG_0620 My fingers are finally starting to thaw now!IMG_0615 Which one is not like the other?


Backtracking to yesterday…..

Lunch consisted of leftover polenta.IMG_0576 With a black bean Gardenburger.IMG_0573 As well as jalapenos and goat feta.IMG_0582 The polenta mix was much better the second time around!

On the side I also had some carrots n’ hummus.IMG_0579 With delicious smoked paprika sprinkled on top.IMG_0580 Good stuff.

Last night we started happy happy hour a little earlier than usual.IMG_0584 At the dog park! With a Rising Moon, which is Blue Moon’s spring ale.

Yes, I am wearing a mitten. When I came home for lunch it was 72* and when left work it had dropped down to 52*. Not cool.

Happy hour continued at Fuqua Friday (at Duke’s business school).IMG_0586Where I enjoyed a Yuengling.

And some friends.IMG_0592 Hi Kate and Jen!

And the hubs.IMG_0591 We’re sporting our Duke gear for the basketball game. Go Blue Devils!

And now we’re sporting our gear in front of a beautiful dogwood.duke In the rain :)

We moved the party over to Satisfaction’s for some pizza, beer, and the game.IMG_0603 We weren’t the only ones who wanted to watch the game there! It was packed.

Chris and I split a pizza for dinner.IMG_0599 Toppings included mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and jalapenos.IMG_0598 I had four delicious slices. Four sounds like a lot, but they were on the smaller side, and I was hungry!

Once halftime game around I decided to head home. I was tired, Nylah needed a walk, and quite frankly I really don’t enjoy watching basketball that much :)


I came really, REALLY close to eating a buffalo wing last night at Fuqua Friday. The smell of spicy buffalo sauce wafted through the air was we walked through the doors and seemed to be calling my name. As my mouth watered, I  immediately made my way towards the buffet where I got a plate and put two buffalo wings on it.

What? What?

Fortunately, Jen caught me out of the corner of her eye, and leaped over crowds of people shouting “Nooooooooooooo! Meg!!!!!!!!!! You can’t eat that!!!!!”


That was a close one.

Thanks Jen. I owe you one.

Five more days of Meatless March. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!