Happy Thursday everyone!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Chris and I would be staying with my parents outside of Philadelphia while we house hunted in Harrisburg. So far shacking up with the rents has been wonderful! Especially since I haven’t felt like cooking. My mom has taken care of dinner pretty much every night we’ve been here. Thanks Mom! I only wish my appetite has been normal enough to enjoy it every night. Boo.

Of course staying  with parents opens the door for advice often. Especially when you’re pregnant :) The past few nights I have been eating a bowl of cereal before bed to ward off the 3am munchies and my Mom has kindly mentioned that I should be using 1%, or low-fat milk rather than fat-free milk. She is under the impression that the Low-Fat milk has more nutrients than Fat-Free milk.

1% milk True?Fat free milk Or false?

So of course I had to research whether or not that was actually true! I’ve been drinking fat-free milk for years for two reasons:

  1. I like the taste
  2. It has less saturated fat than low-fat or whole milk.

But to be honest I’ve never really thought about what ingredients may be lost in order to make milk “fat-free”.

Today I learned something new though!

I learned that unlike a lot of foods, processing fat-free milk does not strip out the nutrients. In fact, the skim or fat-free varieties of milk are actually more nutritionally-dense than the whole or full-fat versions.

This is because when you remove the fat from milk, you increase the amount of protein available in the same amount of liquid.

Let’s take a look at the nutritional comparison between Stonyfield fat-free and low-fat milk.


image The differences are highlighted in red.

You’ll see the the only difference is in the calories, fat, and cholesterol.

No difference when it comes to the nutrients!

Looks like I can continue drinking my fat-free milk without worrying about getting enough nutrients.

I will admit that “mother knows best” most of the time, just not all the time. Hopefully my Mom will continue to let us stay with her after she reads this post :)

Q for U-

What kind of milk to you normally drink? Do you drink it by the glass or just with cereal?