The nursery is complete! And boy was it a blast getting it ready. Sometimes Chris and I just stand in the doorway and smile because we are so happy with how it turned out.  And also because we are just so excited for baby BF2 to arrive!

Who wants to take a little look-see?

Below is a view looking in from the doorway.


The final touch was the Ikea Poang Rocker that you see in the corner. We chose this rocker because wanted a more modern look than the traditional gliders that are used in nurseries. And we can see ourselves actually using this chair in another room once all the kiddos are grown up.

This view is from me sitting in the rocker. It’s a view I am sure to get used to!


Our crib is the Kendall crib from Pottery Barn kids which was a generous gift from my parents, and the crib bedding is from Dwell Studio, which was another generous gift from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. At first I was hesitant to have any sort of “themed” bedding, but I am in love with the colors and the modern look, and it’s not like we have cars, trains, and other vehicles painted all over the walls or anything.

Here’s a closer look of the bedding.


Recently there have been debates as to whether or not bumper pads are safe, but based on several discussions with friends we decided to use ours so that there is no chance of our baby’s extremities flailing through the bars.

Did you happen to notice the two initials above the crib in one of the previous photos?


These were a gift from one of our best friends and are from Operation Letters. We love how unique the letters are and it was super easy to work with the owner of the company, Kim, to chose the fabrics that would coordinate with the nursery.


You’re probably wondering why there are only two initials, huh? Well that’s because we haven’t chosen the first name yet! We have a list of names we like and are waiting to see his face before we decide. Kim was kind enough to make just two of the initials so I could share them in this post! They make such a great gift for the mom-to-be and I highly recommend checking out her site.

The bookshelf is from the Pottery Barn Kids Outlet and was, well, another generous gift! This time from Chris’s Dad who we dragged to the outlets in Lancaster, PA  when he came to visit at the beginning of October.


We also had our eye on a dresser as well, and after some negotiating we were able to get 20% off both the dresser and bookshelf and an additional 10% off the bookshelf because there is a small nick on it. Score!

So we ended up with both pieces of furniture for a lot less than the original cost (online cost) of just the dresser! I love outlets.

The dresser!


With a changing table on top and filled to the brim with 0-3 month baby clothes.

Maybe some of you are questioning why we have such a small trash can for the amount of dirty diapers we’ll be changing? Here is our reasoning:

  1. We will be changing a lot of diapers downstairs and I will not be running back upstairs just to throw away a poopy diaper in a trash can that supposedly locks the odor in. Those diapers will to straight into our garbage can outside.
  2. When we do change diapers in the nursery the wet ones will go into the trash can and the stinky ones will go straight into the garbage can outside so there isn’t even time for odor to stick around.
  3. The trash can fits grocery size bags so I will be able to reuse the plastic ones I get on those days that I forget my cloth bags, which happens.
  4. Because of the small size we will be forced to remove the bag every few days which means less chance of odors hanging around.
  5. Some of the fancy diaper pails don’t take regular trash bags so you are forced to by special bags for it. No thank you.
  6. I have friends and family who shared that their diaper pail only stayed odor-free for a few months and was a waste of money.

I also plan on putting some baking powder at the bottom of the can.

Perhaps our favorite part of the nursery is the Cardboard Safari wall art that Chris picked out!


A rhino, moose, and bison.

These are a tribute to his Dad who was quite the hunter.


How cute are they?

Lastly, and certainly not that exciting, is the closet.


I just realized I have yet to put the hamper in there! The cloth bins are filled with blankets and toys, and the plastic drawers are filled with booties, socks, hats, bibs, burp cloths, and clothes that he won’t fit in for a few months.

Oh wait! I almost forgot the curtain fabric!

curtain fabric

We also have this cute fabric that my mother-in-law will be sewing into curtains (thanks Jan!)

So there you have it! We can’t wait to introduce our baby boy to his new room.


Of course I can’t leave you without a 38 week belly update!


I am up 23 lbs and my appetite is still ferocious. Sleep does not come easy these days, hence my puffy eyes. Also, my visits to the doctor have increased to once a week and while my body is showing signs of preparing for labor, they really aren’t a clear indication of when the baby will plan on making his appearance. It could be tomorrow or in three weeks! Please cross your fingers that I don’t go a week late though.

I do believe we are finally ready for him to arrive!

Happy Thursday!

Who else is supposed to get snow in their area tomorrow?